The Magic of the Illusionist


In the lead up to the launch of Speakeasy HQ on November 2nd, Knuckles auditioned dozens of acts from all parts of the country. But one in particular stood out; a young magician with a gift of presentation and a passion to perform.

Only 16 years old and Josh Tooth has already began making a huge name for himself across the country for his amazing abilities. 

We took Josh aside and asked him the famous five questions in preparation for his debut at Speakeasy HQ. 

Where are you from?
I come from Narre Warren North in Eastern Victoria. 

How long have you been performing?
I’ve always been extremely interested in illusion, magic and show business. I began performing properly quite recently and have been very lucky that the right people have seen what I do and I’ve had a lot of great opportunities that have led up to this. This will be my largest audience to date and in extremely excited. 

Where did you get your training?
I’m self trained and have also honed my skills with books and online videos. 

Where do you get your inspiration as an artists from? 
My inspiration is to bring happiness, astonishment and joy to people. 

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ?
I’ve decided to go with the tricks that my audiences respond best to. I’ll be doing some pretty out there illusions and working with some cards. 

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Crooning at the Speakeasy


With two stages to fill Speakeasy HQ has assembled a stellar lineup of talent to bring some truly world class entertainment to its audience. But none more so than crooner, Chloe St Clair.

As a diva she has a catalogue of songs that span the golden era of jazz along with a vocal range that sets her apart form all other singers.

Performing in the Lounge Bar Chloe St Claire will be crooning for one and all at the 2nd of November launch. 

We took her aside to ask her the famous five questions;

Where are you from? 
I’m from the West of Victoria. 

How long have you been performing?
Singing is like a first language to me. I sing to relax, I sing to lift myself up – it’s what I am. 

Where did you get your training?
I’ve been fortunate enough to have had people around me all my life that inspire and help me grow professionally. 

Where do you get your motivation as an artist?
I’d have to say that I take my motivation from the life stories and works of the classic songstress like Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Billy Holliday. 

What will you be performing at Speakeasy?
I’ve put together an arrangement of classics that will speak to the audience at a deep, soul level. 

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All Things Burlesque


In its efforts to deliver performers from the widest possible cross-section of the artistic world to our loving audience we are delighted to present you with Miss Lilly Malone.

Known and loved for her offerings in the many burlesque halls around the country Lilly’s chair dance is all things quintessentially burlesque, sounding off echoes of smoky back-rooms and gin joints throughout the ages. 

As she prepares for her performance at the launch of Speakeasy HQ we took Miss Malone aside and asked her the famous five questions;

Where are you from?
I’m Geelong born and bred. 
How long have you been performing?
I started ballet when I was 4 and haven’t stopped performing since. I tried jazz, tap, even calisthenics and gymnastics but burlesque and circus is what I love doing.

Where did you get your training?
All over the place, but my circus training has come from mentors such as Mittens the Kitten. Through her kindness and support I’ve learned a huge amount. 

Where do you get your inspiration from as an artist?
I’ve been lucky enough to see cirque du solei twice and their performances are a huge motivation but other performers like Dita von Teese and Beyonce inspire my burlesque. I just love their confidence and sass.

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ?
I’ll be doing a burlesque contortion routine.

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The Prince of Australian Vaudeville


Fresh off the back of his first world record Speakeasy HQ will be blessed with a performance at its 2nd November opening by none other than the Prince of Australian Vaudeville himself, Kyle Raftery. 

On the very same day, of 2nd November, Kyle will be smashing out a world record for riding the longest distance ever ridden on a unicycle, laying on its seat and pedalling with his hands!! 

We took Kyle aside and asked him the famous five questions as we brace ourselves for his amazing performance at Speakeasy HQ!!

Where are you from?
I’m from Tamworth NSW but I now live in Victoria when I’m not on the road.

How long have you been performing?
Grew up doing music and drama before finding circus. I’ve been performing all my life but professionally for about 8 years.

Where did you get your training?
I did my formal training at NICA and then learned whatever I can, wherever I can.

Where do you get your inspiration from as an artist?
My inspiration comes from things I enjoy, movies, books, stories, cartoons, things that me laugh. I try to capture the essence of that in the things I do.

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ?
I’ll be performing acrobatics and juggling with my partner April. 

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Presenting… The Presenter


A veteran of circus and hailed as the ‘most identifiable regional celebrity’ by the Weekly Times for his thousands of shows at agricultural shows, festivals and rodeos in regional Australia, Roy Maloy has been described as Australia’s Circus King by media for over a decade.

Now, as he breaks his seventh and eighth world records during the day on the 2nd of November he will be coming straight from his biggest performance to Speakeasy HQ where he will be serving as Master of Ceremonies and host to the launch of the biggest lineup to hit a stage in over fifty years!

We took Roy aside and asked him the famous five questions as we prepare to have him unleash on our opening night!

Where are you from?
I’m from all parts of the world. I was raised in over 23 countries before I was 13, and moved 11 times in Australia from then to now. I’m quite transient actually. But I base myself in Melbourne or Sydney (occasionally Brisbane) when I’m doing meetings.

How long have you been performing?
Not long… I did a short course at TAFE and made a costume from an old set of pyjamas and some pipe cleaners. It was really quite easy now I think about it.
(23 years)

Where did you get your training?
I left home at 16 and went into Melbourne with a small cardboard suitcase, a bag of tying balloons and three juggling balls. I worked all day every day for a few months and met other artists that included David Castel, Tim Tim, Abbey Collins and a few others who were extremely kind to me and taught me a whole bunch of new things. In particular David Castle taught me stilt walking and I’ve always been grateful ever since.

Where do you get your inspiration as an artist?
Televangelists mainly. Sometimes from the voice in my head that yells nothing other than ‘HOT DOWGS!!! HOT DOWGS!!!’ I also get a lot if inspiration from the artists I work with like Mittens the Kitten and the artistic scope that performing gives me to make large scale circus productions for thousands of people to enjoy.

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ?
I’m mainly just going to be ripping off material from other artists for the first half. In the second part of my set I’ll try and apologise to the audience for the first half and then in the third half I’ll perform a fire trick and hope for the best.

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Circus Comedian Genius


Speakeasy HQ ‘s latecomer to the November 2nd program also happens to be one of the country’s greatest names in circus hooping.

Sarah ‘Doogs’ McDougal is a cute and sassy power house of energy as well as one of the most highly skilled and gifted female comedians of her generation. Her circus skills reflect intense classical training however her comedy skills lapse into the area of genius for both her amazing material as well as timing. Doogs is able to do what few other artists can do, as she draws upon a veritable banquet of experience from her time performing in front of live audiences to create unparalleled circus comedy.

So Speakeasy HQ took her aside to try and get a handle on her hooping and ask her the famous five questions.

Where are you from?
I am a Melbourne girl, living out in the hills for quite a while which I loved, but most recently closer to the city whilst I finished uni.

How long have you been performing?
I have been performing for about 7 years, unless you include the time I got to be the back end of a horse in my primary school production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’… True.

Where did you get your training?
I’ve spent time training everywhere! As far as organised training goes, I’ve trained at Circus Oz, NICA & RUCCIS, but also picked up a great deal from just hanging out with awesome circus people & playing. The great thing about circus is that everyone has something to share or something new to show, so you never become stagnant, there’s always plenty to learn!

What’s your inspiration as an artist?
My inspiration as an artist is to leave the audience with something they can take away to remember and smile about, or to share with someone else. For this reason, I love doing comedic work or fun, energetic acts. Have you ever watched someone describe something funny they saw, without smiling or giggling again as they tell it?

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ?
I’ll be performing my hula hoop act at Speakeasy HQ! It’s the product of a huge amount of training and something that my audiences seem to love.

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The Impresario of the Roller Skate

Being the best that was and is doesn’t happen over night. It’s usually a life long aspiration, and requires a commitment that would be daunting to the average person.

Andy Carroll is one such individual who has dedicated his life to being the greatest and there can be little doubt that the hours he has put into his craft has been well worth the effort.

In partnership with Madam Fava, Mr Carroll will be guest performing at Speakeasy HQ’s launch on 2nd November. There he will adequately demonstrate why he is indeed the impresario of the roller skate. We took him aside and asked him the famous five questions to give you all a glimpse of what he has in store!

Where do you come from?
I come from Brighton in the uk’s south coast.

How long have you been performing?
Started performing 30yrs ago at the age of 8 professionally,

Where did you get your training?
I trained at a college in London full time for 4 yrs called Laine theatre arts.

What’s your inspiration as an artist?
Being an artist is what and who I am. I guess I draw my inspiration from life and living as who I am.

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ?
I will be performing a skate trio act with Madam Fava and Benji and dancing a tango!

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The Burlesque Baroness


The holder of a world record for extreme hooping and the Baroness of Burlesque, Mittens the Kitten is about to be unleashed on the our audience at the launch of Speakeasy HQ on November 2nd!

Holding the world record for successfully hooping the heaviest burning hula hoop ever hooped in the history of human kind Mittens can tear it up and set it ablaze like none other before or since her. We took her aside and asked her the famous five questions:

Where are you from?
Everywhere and nowhere. Ive shifted around alot in my life,never staying too long in one place. Ive lived like a gypsy for years. I dont have a home town. I am an expert at packing! But i do tend to over pack always, so I am fiendishly clever at squeezing just one more thing into my case or the van!

How long have you been performing?
I cant remember ever NOT performing. I can remember trying to tap dance at 3 years old (an on going battle/dream which the universe never seems to support). Also at about 5, I remember staying with my grandmother and her sticking sequins on a costume for me. I’ll probably be performing when I drop dead and still be posing when they nail the lid down on me!

Where did you get your training?
Im tempted to say at the “School of Hard Knocks”! But really I didnt have much formal training-I moved around too much. I learnt to juggle when i was about 18,buy a guy who used to smack my hands with a cane stick when i got it wrong! That was about the first and last formal training. Ive been very lucky throughout my life with being able to connect with other performers who have passed on skills and knowledge. Ive soaked it all up. They say you cant teach an old dog new tricks, but luckily Im a kitten and far superior in intelligence than any old dog and intend to keep learning new things.

What’s your insiration as an artist?
People inspire me. I love my audience. I love working with other performers. Its that spark,that channel of energy that bounces around during a performance.
Roy Maloy inspires me. To stand back and watch how he gives of himself to an audience is amazing. He performs with such courage and warmth. Then there is all the sparkle and glamour. The corsets, the champaign, the satin, the flowers, the decadence, the long eyelashes and slick of gold eyelids. I love it all!

What will you be performing at Speakeazy?
In March if this year I set a world record for the weightiest hoola hoop set on fire. At the Speakeazy I shall be reenacting an echo of this. Performing with a flaming hoop as a precurser to launching back into training to break my own world record early next year.
I love the idea of Speakeasy HQ! It conjures up the idea of a hidden pace where conventional rules don’t apply. Were the booze is prolific, the girls hot and the caberet skating on the edge of freaky and extreme. Not a place for the faint hearted! Anything can and probably will happen, and when it does, there will be Mittens the Kitten flexing her claws right in the middle of things!!!!

We love you Mittens and cannot WAIT to see you smashing it out for us at Speakeasy HQ!

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First Lady of the Lounge


With the announcement that Speakeasy HQ will be running two separate stages with two different programs of entertainers at its launch on November 2nd it comes as no surprise that we’ve dedicated both stages to some if the countries most diverse and talented artists.

Today we turn our attention toward our Lounge Stage, where our program will be headlined by one of the country’s most widely toured club singers, Miss Erica Martin as we ask her the famous five questions:

Here are you from?
I’m from The Surf Coast of Victoria, born and raised!

How long have you been performing?
Been performing my entire life. It’s like an obsession. I was hooked from my first stage show “The King and I” when I was 6 years old.

Where did you get your training?
I’ve had a lot of classical and formal training. However, I’ve found that some if the most valuable experiences I’ve had was hearing myself in the recording process. I was able to refine my voice and piano skills far better than any other place I had been trained.

What’s your inspiration?
My inspiration is the plain old love of music and performance. It’s been a big part of my life since I was a baby.

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ?
I’ll be performing a range of songs from the 30’s to the 50’s to compliment the lovely performers and their wide range of skills!

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Speakeasy Headline Act!

Madam Fava – Headline Artist


Very few artists boast either a career or a skill-set as diverse as that of Speakeasy HQ’s headline artist, Madam Fava. As Australia’s First Lady of roller skating, her skills and performance prowess can only be described as gloriously diverse in every possible way.

Also joining Madam Fava at Speakeasy HQ will be her accomplice of the rolling shoe, and legend of the roller skate himself, choreographer and impresario of disco-skates, Andy Carroll. Between Andy and Madam Fava, through their productions with Rolling Entertainment, they have produced and performed some of this country’s greatest examples of roller skating seen by this generation.

As Speakeasy HQ opens its doors for the first time on November 2nd we are thrilled to have the dynamic work of Madam Fava and Andy Carroll heading the bill as the first ever headline artists as we asked her the famous five questions:

Where are you from?
I was raised in Geelong. It’s an amazing city with a huge arts culture that’s also close enough to melbourne to offer a young performer a lot of opportunities.

How long have you been performing?
I’ve been performing as long as I can remember.

Where did you get your training?
I learnt to skate for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Starlight Express in Germany, 12 years ago.

What’s your inspiration as An artist?
I like to create shows that are unique and left of center. I like things to be exciting and daring.

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ?
I will be performing 3 routines at Speakeasy HQ, all very different. I will be dancing a version of the tango with co-owner of Rolling Entertainment, Andy. A skate number that is full of tricks and spins with Andy and my Australia’s Got Talent skate-partner Benji.

But still, not content with blessing the quiet drinkers at Speakeasy HQ with such an already dazzling array of skills, Miss Fava will be performing her highly celebrated burlesque act to finish the night, demonstrating yet again, and without question, why she is one of Australia’s most sought after nightclub artists!

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