Vaudeville at it’s best!


We were recently sent in an image by one of our regular Speakeasy audience members. She is a huge fan of history and vaudeville, and has been to nearly every show we have ever put on since Speakeasy began!

What she sent us was fascinating because it proved a point we had long suspected. In her email she sent us a picture of a vaudeville poster from a 1949 vaudeville show. What we found fascinating was how little vaudeville has changed but how much our audience has changed!

In the poster, the big words read ‘8 Acts Vaudeville!’ From what we can gather from the internet and researching the artists on the program they were also reasonably well known artists for their time. The theatre was a decent size also and to all intense purposes this was a big city show, with a clear intent to produce a show that the masses would tell their friends about and love! (Picture shows the RKO in 1943)

As we head toward the production of the last, monthly, Speakeasy Nuevo show we look at the shows from the last hey day of vaudeville and are excited by what we see! Not only are our audiences literally rushing to the online ticketing system to ensure that they get a seat at the events, but the shows we are presenting them eclipse the standards of the mainstream productions of American 1940’s vaudeville!

On May 17th Speakeasy Nuevo will present line up that concists of 14 acts! The theatre will not only seat an audience in an environment that is every bit as stylish and elegant as any theatre from any part of history, but with the addition of a suite of VIP tables that affords an added air of opulence, decadence, food, wine and an experience that has no rival. The performances given at Speakeasy Nuevo will be presented by world record holders, celebrity singers, awarded tap dancers, comedians with mass followings of their own and presented all on the same stage in a glorious cavalcade of performances that will literally leave any audience with their mouths wide open and cheering for more. Our selections of wines, champaigns, beers and ciders are complemented by the adition of the world renowned Speakeasy Slingshot and Roy Maloy’s Snake Oil!

We can’t wait to see you all on the 17th, and know that you will go crazy for our line up of some of the biggest celebrities in Australian vaudeville today!

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Boo Boo Bee Doo!


Speakeasy Nuevo has presented some brilliant acts so far. In particular we have gone to a huge amount of effort to source the very best for one particular spot in our programmes. Each time Speakeasy Nuevo has thrown open its doors our audiences have paid huge attention to the act before the headline performance, and for good reason. Traditionally, this is the place where a vaudeville show presents the the burlesque artist. And wow, what a response our audience shows for its burlesque! So with good reason, Knuckles and the Gang have been extremely thorough in their search for only the very best in burlesque for our adoring audiences; and it looks like we’re about to hit yet another home run!

On May 17th Speakeasy Nuevo will present one of the burlesque artists that we’ve followed, wanted and been hoping to have on the ‘Home of the Stars’ Stage for a VERY long time! But now, finally, we are thrilled to say that Miss Skylar will be performing in the famous spot before the headline act!

However, it should be loudly pointed out that Miss Skylar isn’t ‘just’ a burlesque dancer. In Australian vaudeville it has to be said that she is truly a stand alone with skills that are truly elite in every imaginable way. As our audience watches Miss Skylar on the 17th of May they should take note that the reason Miss Skylar is known as one of the greatest at what she does is because she completed her Major Ballet Examination in BBO, holds an Advanced Diploma in Musical Theater and Commercial Dance, has performed extensively along the east coast from QLD to Vic and before performing with the extremely hot La Rogue Burlesque. However, when the lights grow dim, and the music begins to roar, our audience will be seeing for themselves why Miss Skylar is thought of as The Modern Day Marilyn, as Miss Skylar electrifies them with her piercing green eyes, kicks so high that they seem impossible for any but a ballerina with elite training and a magnetism that has to be seen to be believed!

Don’t miss your chance to see Miss Skylar at Speakeasy Nuevo on May 17th.

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