Gamze Kirik!


On June 27th Theatre Nuevo will be exploding at the seems for so many reasons! Treading out onto the stage will be one of the Comic’s Lounge Showcase’s most popular talents, Gamze Kirik! As anyone from Melbourne will tell you – multiculture is king – an Gamze’s irreverent perspective on multiculture, family and life as a single woman will leave you laughing till you puke up a hash brown (Or an Orgasm Cake – as she refers to them).

Don’t miss your opportunity to see Gamze performing live at Theatre Nuevo’s first ever Cinema Standup & Burlesque event on June 27th on Sydney Rd Brunswick! Tickets can
be pre purchased via the following link:

The Master Life-Commentator


Comedy is often quite simple. Man falls down, or chicken crossed the road. But all comedy shares a common feature – the delivery of usual, unexpected, ironic, or cleverly linked features in a single punch line where they usually wouldn’t (or often shouldn’t) fit together. Masters such as Bill Cosby and Arj Barer have made their mark for their ability to tell stories in their stand-up shows that tell relatable life stories of their own while making genius links to the absurd, obscure and preposterous with arguably hilarious outcomes.

But it isn’t as simple as just telling a story about your life in the hope that people will find you funny. It takes performance skill, delivery technique but most of all, it takes a life worth talking about!

On Friday night, 27th of June, Theatre Nuevo will be presenting its first ever Indie cinema, stand-up comedy & burlesque event on Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Along with a dazzling array of talent from the underground galaxy of stars one artist on the comedy bill seems set to shine perhaps more brightly than many.

Over a lifetime Peter Flaherty has seen, lived and experienced so much more than the average person, in almost every way, after life threw him a curve ball by way of slamming him into a coma, followed by long periods of rehab and a wheelchair from an a
4-wheel-driving accident. However, his determination and grit pulled him back up, literally, and have him a new lease on life, as well as a KILLER set of stand-up comedy material!

Now known for his multitude of bit parts on just about every television series made in Australia, countless commercials, radio voice overs and live performances, Mr Flaherty’s following of comedy buffs extends far and wide for his razor sharp wit, impeccable timing and comedic genius.

Don’t miss your opportunity to see Peter Flaherty live at Theatre Nuevo on June 27th, level 1/333 Sydney Rd Brunswick. Entry is just $15 for all shows, from 7pm. Buy online and avoid disappointment:

Come and laugh with the girl next door


At Speakeasy Nuevo we like to think we land some amazing performers for our stages. But this time – we did it, and we have TRUCKLOADS!!

For the first C, S & B event (Cinema Standup & Burlesque) we will be featuring a line up of some of the most outstanding comedians on the circuit today!

First can off the rank to split your sides will be Melbourne based comedian Gabe Hogan!! As is a hot up-and-coming comic on the Melbourne comedy scene Gabe’s good looks make for a neat decoy for a wit and style that makes her stand apart from most other comedians. She may appear to be the girl next door, with literally mountains of mischievous charm but, damn she’s FUNNY!!

A two-time Raw Comedy state finalist (2012, 2013), Gabe also represented Victoria in Canberra’s Green Faces Comedy Competition (2012). She has performed in the last three Melbourne International Comedy Festivals including the sellout show Five in a Bed (2013).

Don’t miss your chance to see Gabe performing stand up at the first C S & B on June 27th at Theatre Nuevo – level 1/333 Sydney Rd Brunswick.

Ticketing info:


Roy Maloy


After an illustrious career in circus, spanning twenty five years, nine world records, a reputation as ‘Australian Circus King’ amongst the regional press and a scattering of stunts that included walking a tightrope, blindfolded, with no support beam, over the top of the Tasmanian Devil enclosure at Hobart Zoo, Roy Maloy is about to explode onto the comedy circuit of Melbourne with his newest show!

Joining the team of stand up comedians at the first ever C S & B night (Cinema Standup & Burlesque) at Theatre Nuevo in Brunswick, Maloy will be performing a his newest act, featuring his own answers to life’s problems via a selection of his own latest and greatest inventions!

‘Performing prop comedy is easier than stand up in some ways, because you don’t have the same need to do the set up for the punch lines,’ Maloy explained in interview recently with Fairfax Media,. ‘But your timing and delivery have to be spot on or you just look like a side holding a kitchen utensil on a stage hoping the audience will think you’re funny.’

Don’t miss your chance to see Roy Maloy himself performing stand up at the first C S & B on June 27th at Theatre Nuevo – level 1/333 Sydney Rd Brunswick. Ticketing info:


The Fastest Pun in the West


If you’ve never been faced with the onerous task of having to round up half a dozen seriously funny people for a stand up comedy bracket; let us fill you in on some of the difficulties. Well – come think of it – there really is only one main difficulty; finding funny people who can say funny things!!

But fortunately, for the launch of Speakeasy Nuevo’s first ever C S & B night (Cinema Standup & Burlesque) we landed on our feet! Heading the lineup will be none other than the pun master himself, the grandfather of all dad-jokes, and a man who’s clean comedy skills are out-shone by none – Mr Damian Cosgriff!!

Described by The Age Newspaper’s legendary, veteran journalist, Lawrence Money, as Pun-Tasticly the ‘fastest pun in the West’ Damian isn’t like many (or any) other comics that we’ve come across at Speakeasy simply for his ability to ‘role with the pun’. It’s a little hard to describe, like trying to describe jazz music to a deaf person… O.0 But suffice it to say that when last he performed at Speakeasy Nuevo he invited the audience to call out, took what they heckled with, rolled their words into his own and left them roaring with laughter! It takes a VERY brave comedian to let the audience steer their comedy show like that – but Cosgriff has it all in control.

Don’t miss your chance to see the Pun-Master himself performing stand up at the first C S & B on June 27th at Theatre Nuevo – level 1/333 Sydney Rd Brunswick.

Ticketing info: