The Master and Presenter of Melbourne’s Finest Comedy!


On July 25th Theatre Nuevo will present another outstanding lineup of comedians in its next Cinema Stand-up & Burlesque event!  After the sell out showing in June we have been extremely luckily to be able to secure the amazing and gifted Andrew Brown, who will be performing stand up in the line up of comedians in the middle set!  

So we took Mr Brown aside and asked him a bunch of questions as he cleans out the Gallery and ets his shtick into gear for the next Theatre Nuevo on Sydney Rd Brunswick!!

Who are you and where do you come from?

My name is, and always has been, Andrew Brown.  I grew up in country-ish Victoria.  Not so country that you marry ‘into’ the family but country enough that you don’t pay any attention when you see wildlife or cattle in town.  I’ve since lived in several suburbs of Melbourne since.

Name a comedian you’d love to meet (dead or alive) and where would you go with them if you had one day to kill with them?

I’d have to say Robin Williams. And… I guess… part of the reason I’d love to meet him is because it wouldn’t really matter where you went with him – he would be the experience anywhere you went.

What’s your biggest achievement as a comedian?

Organising and MC’ing a charity event for a sick little girl’s family. We raised about $4,000.  In the world of art, performing and Australian stand-up comedy its extremely rare to earn a single dollar – let alone that kind of money.  

What will you be performing at Speakeasy Nuevo on July 25th?

A selection of my finest (cough) stand up comedy.


We can’t wait to see the stylings of Mr Brown, one of Melbourne’s best known and heavily followed comedians at Theatre Nuevo on July 25th, at 333 Sydney Rd Brunswick!!  

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  1. Blog Daddy Of 4 · July 17, 2014

    Will be an honour to be part of.

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