Getting Back to Funny!!

This Saturday night Speakeasy HQ will be hosting one of the biggest hitting 10-act vaudeville lineups we’ve ever had at the Underground Galaxy of Stars. In the lineup of talent will be a vast array of talent from all parts of the entertainment spectrum including one of Melbourne’s funniest female comedians, Nikky Barry!

After levelling rooms around Melbourne recently with her entirely relatable, every day scenario humour, Barry is about to turn her wit to the HQ stage.

So we took the comedian aside to ask her a few questions and see what makes her tick as she readies her Schtick for Saturday’s show.

Who are you and what led you to becoming a comedian?

I’m Nicky Barry. I was introduced to the Goon Show, Monty Python and many other classic comedy acts by my dad. I have always loved comedy and then I began using humour in my “day job” many years ago to help people cope with their problems and feel a sense of connection to others by sharing a bloody good laugh.
Oh and 18 years of enforced Catholicism (thanks mum and dad).

What was the first moment when you thought to yourself… ‘I could go pro at this!!’

After years of being “the funny chick” at parties and doing a handful of gigs, I entered a competition called “Search for a Funnybone” in 2013 and won. The response from the audience was fantastic and convinced me to keep working at it.

What would you like to be remembered for in 100 years’ time?

Sage episodes of willful disobedience.

If you could spend a day with one famous person, from history or now, who would it be and what would you do?

Jay Gatsby (yeah, I know he’s not real but this is my fantasy). We’d just spend quality time hanging out with 300 or so of his closest friends and do our bit to redefine decadence.

What will the audience see when you perform at Speakeasy HQ?

My comedy is all about the wrongness that can be found in even the most benign situations. And rude things. LOTS of rude things.

We can’t wait to see the funny side of life with Nicky Barry this Saturday night.

Tickets are very limited so get on like and secure your seat at:


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