Boylesque is for Who?


By Knuckles

Hosting the upcoming Boylesque show on Saturday has been a fascinating experience. It’s been somewhat of a departure from the usual 10-act vaudeville shows that we usually run at Speakeasy HQ and in that change of pace we’ve discovered a lot of amazing new things!

We weren’t sure who we would be marketing the night too. We didn’t know if we would be pitching the whole concept to a female or male audience. Clearly a huge hit amongst the gay community, Boylesque is also flamboyantly brilliant when done well and could be an art that appeals to any gender. But interestingly, when tickets went on sale for the show on Monday three of our five VIP tables, and more than half of the pre-sale tickets we’ve sold so far we’re sold to females.

The other interesting aspect of the Legends of Boylesque show is that I’ve have six emails from the general public asking just ‘exactly what is Boylesque?’ So, the opportunity is out there – the show will be presented on Saturday by one of Australia’s biggest names in Burlesque, Madam Natalia (mamma) and the line-up of boys will be spectacular. So get on it, get your tickets before they run out entirely, and see what boylesque is at it’s finest this Saturday night!!!

I’ll also have three of the yummiest signature Speakeasy HQ drinks at the bar to further delight your senses!!

Booking info:


A Stunning Example of Being Amazing!!

Hailing from the cane fields of Mackay (North Qld), something should be said for the way we choose to live our lives. Few artists have the personal strength or stamina to become a muse to the inspirations of the world as Matt Fennell has. But without a word of exaggeration, Matt has evolved into one of the most gifted and versatile artists to grace a Melbourne stage. Matt is a cabaret and musical performer of theatre, who has experience musically directing and writing whole productions and performing standup. On Saturday 23rd he will be performing at Speakeasy HQ in the star studded Legends of Boylesque show where he will demonstrate just how at home in a variety of entertainment setting he is.

Since arriving in Melbourne, Matt has appeared as a Cabaret regular in Comedy At The Dan, Burlesque In The Burbs and Kaye Sera’s Bazaar. In 2010 he toured Australia with Essgee’s new production of The Mikado understudying comedy icon Collin Lane (Lano & Woodly). He has also starred in productions of CATS (Munkustrap), WEST SIDE STORY (Riff), FOOTLOOSE (Ren aka Kevin Bacon), CHESS (Freddie Trumper), LES MISERABLES (Bamatobois), CHICAGO (Fred), and ASPECTS OF LOVE (George). Matt has twice appeared in Short+Sweet Cabaret Melbourne with NOONE TO WORRY US and TELEMANIAC. As “MELBOURNE’s KING OF FOOD PORN” Matt continues to tantalise with his kitchen kabaret FOOD PORN across Australia, having previously presented it at Hares & Heyena’s, Downstairs At Alma’s and Club Voltaire.

Of his media we see press about this heavyweight cabaret man telling us things like:

“Matt Fennell is big of smile and quick of toe…he even looks a bit like Kevin Bacon” –
“Matt Fennell was a delight to watch” – ABC Radio

We can’t wait to see the diverse, charming and funny side of Mr Fennell on Saturday night. Tickets are essential so log onto:

The Flash of a Brilliant Suit!!

This Saturday Speakeasy HQ will present a line-up of some of the biggest names in Boylesque ever assembled in the one place at the same time. But leading into the headline act will be one of the most celebrated performances to ever hit the Underground Galaxy of Stars – performing a world exclusive act the combines fire, muscles and striptease.

Mitchell Pitch is best known as a part of the extremely popular Strongman Circus, and also possesses all that makes a man a Boylesque star!! So we took the stunning man of muscle aside and asked him a bunch of questions as he readies the flash suit for this weekend’s show!!

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Mitchell Pitch, I became a boylesque performer as a side-effect of being a circus performer and often being cased as the token male variety act in burlesque shows.

When did you think to you think to yourself ‘I reckon I could do this big time!’

I first realized that I could turn pro while attending the European Juggling Convention in Athens in 2008. I was surrounded by 3000 jugglers, acrobats and aerialists many of whom performed for a living and thought “why not Zoidberg?”

In 100 years time what would you like to be remembered for?

I hope in 100 years that I will be remember as the inventor of the flaming suit strip an act as iconic and well-known as Sally Rand’s balloon dance.

If you could spend a day with one person living or dead who wouldn’t be and what would you do with them?

I’d love to spend a day with Alice Cooper. Although I know many would argue far more worthy historical figures, Alice Cooper remains one of the best stage performers I have ever witnessed and I saw Michael Jackson live. MJ had charisma, superb choreography and amazing production values but Alice Cooper was there in the moment, having a laugh with the audience while putting on an immaculate theatre production.

What will we see at Speakeasy HQ when you perform?

The audience are going to be witness a World Exclusive act. An act that will define sex on fire for generations to come. It’s part boylesque tease, part magic show and is bound to leave the audience mystified and amazed.

Don’t miss your opportunity to see the amazing Mitchell Pitch performing the Flash Suit live!! Tickets are extremely limited and available at:

The Lord of Boylesque!!




On August 23rd Speakeasy HQ will be hosting some of the biggest names of Boylesque in Australia. The Legends of Boylesque is an assembly of some of the finest examples of muscle, manhood, sequins, strut and strum in the entire world!

Chief among the manliest of men taking to the stage, is a true Lord of Boylesque. As the Pharaoh of the artform Lord of Mis-Rule is undoubtedly a Melbourne Boylesque icon like few of his contemporaries.

So we took the powerhouse of costuming and it’s removal aside and asked him a bunch of questions as he prepares for Saturday’s big event!!

Who are you and what led you to becoming a Boylesque artist?

I’m Lord of Mis-Rule and I’d been wanting to do more stage performance, but I wanted to perform something with a creative historical feel as well as being exciting for the audience. So, gradually my acts lent themselves to the parody of Burlesque with a historical element to it.

What was the first moment when you thought to yourself… ‘I could go pro at this!!’

It would have been at the Comedy Festival “Bro show” at the legendary burlesque theatre, Bohemia Cabaret Club in April 2013.

What would you like to be remembered for in 100 years time?

I’d have to say that I would love to think I’ll be remembered as someone who never let illness or age or society prevent him from creating performing art.

If you could spend a day with one famous person, from history or now, who would it be and what would you do?

Alexander III of Macedon – understanding the mind of a flawed genius, one who embraced the culture of those he conquered rather than enslave them to his own heritage.

What will the audience see when you perform at Speakeasy HQ?

I’m a bit spontaneous so I will either perform the time traveler and tease will lead the audience on a journey through time, tantalising, titillating and teasing them with each phase of his act or something quite unexpected.

We can’t wait to see the amazing work of Boylesque royalty as The Lord of Mis-Rule on Saturday 23rd August at The Underground Galaxy of Stars. For ticketing info log onto:

Buddy is the Bomb!!!


This Saturday night Speakeasy HQ will present a huge line up of talent with its Legends of Boylesque show. After gathering together the cream of the crop of the shimmy shaking boys and men the talent list is one of the most impressive ever!

One of the more colorful acts in Australia today is the complex, funny, beautiful and sensuous Buddy Hammond. A trained fighter, highly articulate orator and sexy striptease artists, Buddy’s performance will be truly something to be seen to be believed.

We took the sheik geek aside and threw a bunch of questions at him in preparation for this weekend’s show.

Who are you and what led you to becoming a Boylesque artist?

I’m Buddy Hammond. I’ve always enjoyed performing, I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh and I’ve always enjoyed being naked, this way I get to do all three at once in front of a whole lot of people… And legally too… That’s a good thing I’m told.

What was the first moment when you thought to yourself… ‘I could go pro at this!!’

My second performance at the iconic Burlesque Bar. The place was literally packed to the rafters and everyone was so into it, cheering and whistling. My performance was flowing seamlessly and I felt totally in the zone, I knew I was onto something.

What would you like to be remembered for in 100 years time?

I’d like to be remembered as a professional, an artist with the ability to connect with the audience and evoke an emotional response.

If you could spend a day with one famous person, from history or now, who would it be and what would you do?

If you asked me yesterday it would have been Charlie Chaplin, eating and drinking our way around Paris, but not many people know I used to be a professional fighter and today I’m not long home from training so it would be MMA superstar and Olympic medal Judo champion Ronda Rousey and we’d be training of course.

What will the audience see when you perform at Speakeasy HQ?

This act is funny, sexy and a little educational. They’re going to see a shy geek turn into a sexy beast, they’ll even learn some chemistry along the way.

We can’t wait to see the sex bomb of Boylesque hit the stage, as only a fighting, comedy spinning tease sensation can!! Tickets are extremely limited and available online at:

Antt no Getting This Mann off Stage!!

On Augu10152641_240191832847864_4492924452530623150_nst 29th Speakeasy Nuevo will present its August edition of Theatre Nuevo – Cinema, Stand-up & Burlesque at 333 Sydney Rd Brunswick.  There in the lofty surrounds of our beautiful theatre we will present four short films, SEVEN stand up comedians and then while away the hours with burlesque performances by some of Melbourne’s most glamorous starlets.

But there, nestled square in the middle of the program, right in the middle of the comedy set, will be none other than the insanity of Antt Mann!  The Melbourne based comedian has been described as jumping into a cactus naked… because clothed cacti are hard to find… badoom tish!!  So we took the funny man aside to see what makes him tick.


Who are you and what led you to becoming a comedian?

I was always Making people laugh, so why.not try and do it for money… turns out that doing it for money is a lot harder but I seem to be managing quite well now.

What was the first moment when you thought to yourself… ‘I could go pro at this!!’

When I made an old lady spit her drink all over me.  I told a joke that went something like, ‘wouldn’t bad if u spat that on me from laughing at a joke,’ and… well… she did!

What would you like to be remembered for in 100 years time?

The guy who did things his own way, not the way everyone else did things… like grocery shopping… I like to do that MY way… in the nude…

If you could spend a day with one famous person, from history or now, who would it be and what would you do?

Abe lincon. He did a lot of things that people don’t know about, and that they didn’t agree with. So I’d like to ask him if he also went shopping in the nude… 

What will the audience see when you perform at Speakeasy Theatre Nuevo?

Me being me lol im the same on and off the stage… but with cloths on.  Maybe.


Don’t miss your chance to see Antt Mann performing live at Speakeasy Nuevo on August 29th!  Ticketing essentials:

Speakeasy Nuevo’s Siren of the Silver Screen


1618111_10152091743878215_6017806262112016199_o On

Friday 29th of August Speakeasy Nuevo will present the August edition of Theatre Nuevo – Cine,a Stand-up & Burlesque. Presenting four indie-films, with each film maker resent to field questions and meet after the screening, followed by SEVEN stand up comedians and a finishing of burlesque, the event always draws a huge crowd. But this month in particular has shaped up to be something extra special with Speakeasy Nuevo confirming that Liam Heyen’s film, Dinner for Three, staring the stunning Brittany Christine! An American actress, Brittany seems to literally jump out of the screen in the chilling short film, with her portrayal of every man’s fantasy as well as fear!

Originally from Seattle Washington, Brittany studied in Queensland; Acting at The Australian Film and Television Academy as well as learning to perform stunts at the Stunt Academy!

Lately Brittany attended the world premieres at both the 2013 & 2012 Cannes Film Festival in France where she was credited this year for playing Sarah Bryant in “Princess”, as well as for playing Nurse Teena in “Fears of young Caroline” which in 2013 she was also seen at close to 20 international film festivals!

Nominated Best Actress in an Action Thriller at the 2012 LA Pop Con International Television Festival for playing Ashley Comet in the Comet Chronicles which was her first lead role, shot back in 2006, Brittany hit the industry at running pace!

We can’t WAIT to see the amazing short film Dinner for Three on Saturday 29th August at Theatre Nuevo’s next Cinema, Stand-up & Burlesque event!! Ticketing is essential, so log onto: