Comedy King Hitter!


Everybody loves the funny guy in a vaudeville show.  Call them a stand up comedian, a comic or any number of things, but the joke-tellers in vaudeville are one of the most vital assets that the lineup has.  On October 18th one of the most dynamic and unique comedians on the Australian landscape today will be making his performance debut at Speakeasy HQ.  Without question Ruben Frances is one of the most outstanding new comers to comedy in a very long time and after smashing out a comedy set at Speakeasy Nuevo that brought the house down we cant wait to see what he has in store for us on Saturday night!

Who are you and what led you to performing professionally?

My name is Ruben Francis, I’m an actor and comedian. I’m pretty laid back in most ways and I guess I just have the desire to entertain people and make them laugh. It’s pretty simple really.

What has been the highest point of your performance career?

There are a lot of great experiences to choose from… possibly one of the highlights was performing at Speakeasy Nuevo where I had a good response to my material, and another would be performing my own show in the MICF in 2014.

If they made a bronze statue of you for being awesome, what would the name plate on it say?

He gets it.

If you could perform a 3-5 minute vaudeville act with one famous person from any part of history, who would it be and what would you perform?

Jesus. Turning water into wine.

What will the audience see when you perform at Speakeasy HQ?

My Comedy

We can’t wait to see Ruben Frances performing stand up comedy at Speakeasy HQ on October 18th.  Tickets are essential and available at:

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