Oktoberfest brings the Cougar Vox to say Grrr


This Saturday night, on October 18th, Speakeasy HQ will strike up the Oompa Band for some truly outstanding Oktoberfest Vaudeville!  In a huge line up of talent that sways to each extreme of all fringe art genres we will be presenting comedians, illusionists, cabaret, circus and German polka playing pianists!

But one particular act has already shown just whop will be bringing their fan base along to the show, as Ash Tray Boy’s very own Cougar Vox makes her debut at Speakeasy HQ performing her punk, rebel and gritty glam poetry that gave her her reputation across two continents! Performing a collection of Oktoberfest Limericks, prose and German poetry, Cougar Vox will be dishing up to her die hard fans some of the old classics along with some brand new material in celebration of German beer Bratwurst and vaudeville.

Who are you and what led you to performing professionally?

I am a rock-n-roll rebel, forgotten muse in the fog of the smoky punk clubs of 70s Detroit, Columbus, NYC, London and beyond. I am your subconscious, your worst nightmare, your liberator, your release. I speak to clear my demons, I speak so you do not have to. I speak because I must, I can’t stop. Laws of nature have conspired against me, yet I PERSIST!

What has been the highest point of your performance career?

Every day I’m climbing higher and higher. I once thought that at the age of 16 I had reached my peak when I crashed the open mic gigs at CBGBs or when I lived out of a packing crate in Joni Mitchell’s Chelsea apartment. I now know better.

If they made a bronze statue of you for being awesome, what would the name plate on it say?

Cougar Vox, she stood up for her rights, even though she was the only one standing.

If you could perform a 3-5 minute vaudeville act with one famous person from any part of history, who would it be and what would you perform?

Joan of Arc or Cleopatra, we’d recreate in pantomime poetry the history of the rise of women to positions of power.

What will the audience see when you perform at Speakeasy HQ?

Watch out Speakeasy, Cougar Vox has held in her demons for decades and now she’s ready to explode. She’ll be promoting her upcoming punk pantomime ‘Cougar Vox and the Sheeple’ where you can hear more of her story. No one really knows what’s going to happen when Cougar takes the stage. One thing is certain, she’s got a message, even if she has no idea what it is.

We cant wait to see the one and only Cougar Vox performing live at HQ on Saturday night!! Tickets are limited and available at: http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=87968

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