Nicky Barry – the Funniest Comedian Alive!


This Saturday night Speakeasy HQ will present a lineup of vaudeville legends as a staggering FIFTEEN acts take the stage!!

With so much talent in the room, there are still one or two artists who stand out in their chosen professions because hey have a certain magic about what they perform. One such artist who never goes unnoticed is comedian Nicky Barry. Described as the Funniest Woman Alive she manages to deliver at every event she ever performs at. With her side splitting material about her home town of coburg, body hair and public transport, Ms Barry is a comedian who is loved by the masses!

So we room Nicky aside as she readies her Schtick in preparation for Saturday nights show and asked her a bunch of question.

Who are you and how did your career get here?

I’m Nicky and I’m a stand-up comedian from Coburg. I got here because I love hanging around in bars late at night with social misfits. Comedy is the perfect career for such activity – occasionally you even get paid for it.

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ on Saturday night?

I will be sharing my recent discovery of self-love and workshopping some of my new techniques with the audience.

What has been your career highlight and why?

As a “newbie” comic, I performed to a very full Spiegeltent at a Comedy Gala in 2013 with a group of very distinguished comedians. I received a great response from the audience and lots of encouragement from the other comics. It made me believe I might actually be able to give comedy a red-hot go.

What is your greatest hope and fear for your career?

My greatest hope is that it will continue……….and that I will give “great comedy” every time I step up to the mic. My greatest fear is that I turn into a parody of myself. Or that I start wearing sensible shoes on stage….actually, that would be marginally worse.

In 100 years’ time if there is a bronze statue made of you what will the name plate say?

Dear Pigeons, not the face. Anywhere but the face!!!!!

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Miss World Burlesque Headlines an International Cast of Burlesque Stars from Around the World this Saturday Night at Speakeasy HQ!!


This Saturday night Speakeasy HQ presents a line up of talent that includes some of the biggest names in burlesque from around the world seen together, on the same stage, in over a decade!!.

Presented by Australian burlesque giant, Madam Natalia – who is a total powerhouse of voice and extravagance at every level – Speakeasy HQ will come to life as Miss Burlesque World, Arabella Allure takes to the stage along with a cavalcade of star studded talent. Supporting Miss Allure in the lead up to her headline performance will be a Stella cast of international and local burlesque celebrities of the tease and taste. Including the stunning Miss Pyra Technic, The hilarious and adorable Holly Delight Me, and Australia’s Million Dollar Muse herself, The Marquise, will each be adding their magic to the program.

So as she prepares her pasties and limbers up her limbs in the lead up to Saturday night’s stunning presentation we took Miss Allure aside to ask her a bunch of questions about what she has in store!

Who are you and how did you get to this stage in your career?

My name is Arabella Allure, and I am the reigning Miss Burlesque World. I’m also a cofounder and the President of the Edmonton Burlesque Festival in Canada. So, after a crazy year of touring North American festivals, I’ve arrived here in Sunny Melbourne to bring the shimmy to my home city of Melbourne at the request of Knuckles at Speakeasy HQ.

What will you be performing on Saturday night at Speakeasy HQ?

I will be performing a fan dance that tells the story of a mechanical bird breaking free. It’s the act that I performed to win the Miss Burlesque World crown.

What’s been your career highlight?

My career highlight was launching a successful international festival – while I love being on stage, there’s a particular thrill in sitting at the back of the theatre and feeling the audience’s enjoyment of the whole experience and knowing you brought it together.

What is your greatest hope and fear for your career and the future?

My greatest hope is to open my own venue and continue to build the profile of burlesque and vaudeville entertainment in Canada. My greatest fear goes hand in hand with this because the laws there currently restrict much of what we can do on stage, so I might get fined or shut down…

If there was a bronze statue made in your honour, what would the name plate say?

The name plate on my statue would say: Everything from Australia can kill you – and this girl is deadly.

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