The Cabaret Prince at Swing Digity


This Saturday night Speakeasy HQ Will present the launch of the newest and most explosive show to hit Melbourne in a long time. Named Swing Digity, the show is truly one of the most unpredictable and hilariously volatile eruptions of raw talent to hit a stage in years. 
Featuring four amazing artists, each representing four very different genres of the entertainment industry, Swing Digity brings together soul singing icon, Belinda Hanne Reid, the stunning crooner of gospel and blues, Lady Fox, vaudeville impresario Roy Maloy, and cabaret Prince, Matthew Hadgraft.

After just finishing a highly successful production of Boy from Oz, Matt is one of the most genuinely all rounded talents in the country today. And now, as he prepares for the launch of Swing Digity this Satirday night at 6pm, we took him aside to ask him a stack of questions and see what makes him tick!!

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Matt, and I’m an attention seeker. I play piano and I sing, and let’s face it, I’d learn tuba if it meant people would notice me more. 

What was your first professional gig and how did it go?

That would have been the first ABBA tribute show i was a part of in Brisbane. My grandmother only finished sewing the shirts that morning! I remembered most of the songs.

What’s your career highlight?

That’d have to be playing Cliff Bradshaw in ZenZenZo’s Cabaret (2011) which was fabulous! I felt like a star. The review said I was “convincing.”

What’s your greatest dream for your career?

To be seen in the street and for people to smile, and remember something funny and laugh, and then tell someone else who laughs, and so on.

How would you like to be remembered in 100 years time?

As someone who knew how to laugh and who got the rest of the country laughing at themselves.

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ this weekend?

Funnily enough, Swing Digity feels more like hanging about with some of your greatest friends and just having a laugh, really. Doing what we love doing, and showing the audience what a rubber ducky, an old circus man, a cute fox and a power crooner all have in common with a ham like me. The audience responses so far have been amazing to the preview performances. So I’m excited!

Don’t miss your chance to see Matt Hadgraft performing live on stage at Swing Digity this Saturdau night!! Tickets available at:

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