As Sexy As Tinsel

This weekend Speakeasy HQ presents a massive line up of physical Comedians in a slightly sexy and extremely hilarious show, titles Comic Cirque Nuevo. 

As a brilliant physical comedian herself, and known as the charming and hilarious Tinserella, her facial features, physical expression, timing and wit cannot be described easily. And the sheer fact that she’s bringing a ladder on stage should be noted with eager caution. So, we took the beautiful young Tinsetella aside to see what makes her ticke as she readies her props for this Friday night’s show!

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Joana Simmons and I perform, write and produce comedy cabaret, under my company- Just Bananas and sometimes alias Tinserella

What was your first professional gig and how did it go?

I think I was a suit character for a promotion company and I was a sweaty mess but rocked it.

What’s your career highlight?

Performing at Woodford Folk Festival 2014/15

What’s your greatest dream for your career?

To take anyone I interact with on a journey, to make, perform and direct innovative work.

How would you like to be remembered in 100 years time?

What will you be performing at speakeasy this weekend?

Two exerts from my upcoming Fringe show: “Tinserella- Putting the G’Day in Cabaret”

One was inspired by my shoes.

The other was born from a night of drinks in a friend’s kitchen.

We can’t wait to see her in action this Friday night!! Tickets at:

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