The KREWDest MC!

This Friday night Speakeasy HQ will launch its newest show which features a brand-new genre of performance art. Grown and erupted fresh out of the laneway clubs and in suburban theatres of Melbourne, Comic Cirque Nuevo, is the embodiment  of all aspects of this hilarious, and often sexy, new style of art.  Bringing together three of the biggest names in physical comedy all on the same bill Comic Cirque Nuevo is a show to behold. 

Chief among the artists is none other than the hilarious and extremely highly followed MC KREWD!! Bringing to the stage are unique and highly polished set of well timed gags, expressions and body language, KREWD is set to be a crowdpleaser this Friday night. So we took the funny woman aside and asked her a state of questions to see what makes you tick.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m MC KREWD… I’m a rapper, burlesque performer, crack enthusiast and single mother of 8. I like to tell stories and philosophise through dance.

What was your first professional gig and how did it go?

I co-hosted the Canberra Multicultural Fringe 2014 as part of comic duo The KREWD Sisters. It was brilliant and creamy. We debuted our Bogan Butoh routine on the mainstage at the burlesque night. It went down a bitter-sweet treat.

What’s your career highlight?

That’s a hard one… possibly bathing in whipped cream and eating strawberries in the name of art… definitely not window washing on the main street of Canberra to fund my hip hop career. 

What’s your greatest dream for your career?

To be signed by Death Row Records and have my story heard by all for generations to come.

How would you like to be remembered in 100 years time?

As a Hip Hop Queen; I’m no plastic rapper.

What will you be performing at speakeasy this weekend?

I’m telling a fishy tale in an 80’s absurd burlesque routine and also a jazzy little rap about an ex-lover that gets everyone itching for some more KREWD.

We can’t wait to see MC KREWD in action this Friday night. Be sure you get your tickets online at

photo credit: Lanialana Gig Pics

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