Cabaret Royalty to Grace Speakeasy HQ

This Saturday night Spealeasy HQ will present one of, if not THE most dynamic and energetic artists in Australia’s live entertainment industry, as the headline act in the 20-Act Vaudfville line-up. 

After performing sell out shows back to back of Oz Boy, Cabaret Prince Matthew Hadgraft is set to start the stage this Saturay night in his uniquely iconic and epic way. Few if any artists throughout history can boast his level of energy, let alone his massive weight of misical talent. So, as headline act it is anticipated that every seat will be filled as our audience are treated to a truly magnificent performance. 

So, as they cabaret heavy-weight readies his vocal chords, we took him aside and asked him a bunch of questions to see what makes him tick as he prepares for Saturday night’s show. 

What is your earliest memory of performing?

An abysmal nativity play in Preschool. I was too transfixed on how the lantern worked (a torch in a cellophane-covered milk carton holder) to care much about my performance. Funnily, I’ve since discovered that this is quite normal for vaudeville theatres, so I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the milk crate after all. 

Who are your earliest influences as an artist?

That would be Warren Carr, the pianist on Play School back in the day. He always made it look effortless – although what he played was, of course, impossible. My parents used to let us watch all manner of sitcoms as kids, and while we didn’t really get them, I was always transfixed at how they could say such funny stuff without laughing.  

What was the first moment when you felt that your life would revolve around performance?

Doing my world-famous-within-the-family Lucy Grasshopper routine, and just knowing that the audience was the only thing that mattered in the world. I was five. The high-heeled shoes didn’t fit but the tinsel wig did.

What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had whilst performing?

At the Gold Coast promotional premier of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I was the promotional Indiana Jones: the hat was wrong, the whip was only about 2′ long, the costume reeked of hand-me-downs, and I look nothing like Harrison Ford, so I made up some crap about the camera adding 10 pounds and 40 years.

What was the scariest performance situation you’ve ever found yourself in?
As a kid, singing in church! But as an adult, playing an ABBA show in Condobolin and actually wondering if we were physically safe from fights breaking out.

What is a situation you’d love to find yourself in?

Matt! A whacky 80s-style sitcom about a HAM performer, starring Matt as Matt, Shaun Micallef as the hopeless agent, and Ann Phelan as the tuckshop mum. (#ShaunMicallef #AnnaPhelan)

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ this Saturday night?

Words are hardly sufficient to describe how fabulous it will be, but it will be the piano equivalent of juggling fire on a ball-cage full of motorbikes.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see cabaret Royalty live on stage this Saturday night at Speakeasy HQ. Tickets available at

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