Bailey on Board

As Speakeasy HQ continues to scour the country for the finest acts in all genre’s, this Saturday night’ headline act will be one of the finest examples of slapstick ever seen. 

Presenting the incredibly popular Sam Brew, along with his partner in crime, Bailey Munton, as they perform their critically acclaimed Circus in a Suitcase, the duo are tipped to amaze!! 

So we took Mr Munton aside and asked him a bunch of questions as he prepares his stick for slap, and readies his physical comedy for this Saturday night and we asked him a bunch of questions. 

Who are you and what do you do? 

My name is bailey And I’m a professional juggler and circus performer. 

How did you learn your skills and what’s your most epic training/learning story? 

I was doing a tumbling trick and my intent was to do a simple punch frontsault and instead of nearly under rotating like I usually do. My body over rotated and nearly managed to pull a straight double frontsault from ground. 

If you could spend one day with one person, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do with them? 

I would juggle all day with Anthony Gatto who is considered the ultimate jugglers juggler. Then I might have a hot tub and a cool chat for a while because why the hell not  

If the Melbourne council erected a statue in honour of you In 100 years time, what pose would your statue be holding and what would the plaque read? 

My plaque would read thusly “in memory of Bailey Munition. Just an all rounder cool dude. Is frosty sizzle shall not been seen for many a century to come. 

What will you be performing on Saturday night at Speakeasy HQ?

I will be performing a suite case act with a close friend Sam (his title) and it is going to rock your socks off.

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Sam in a Suitcase


After making a massive entrance I to the world of professional vaudeville, the circus, slapstick and illusionist protege Sam Brew is set to return to the stage at Speakeasy HQ to headline this Sarurday night with his hilarious show – Circus in a Suitcase!

After debuting the side splitting and incredibly talented performance, Circus in a Suitcase, at Speakeasy HQ late in 2014, Sam and his sidekick, Bailey Munton, return for the two man show this Saturday night. 

So as the duo prepares to wow yet another capacity crowd at the underground galaxy of stars this weekend we took aside the mastermind of physical comedy and asked Sam Brew what makes him tick!!

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Sam Brew. I am 19 and I am a circus performer and magician… And occasionally perform street theatre. 

How did you learn your skills and what’s your most epic training/learning story? 

I am a student and a coach at RUCCIS circus school in kylsyth. But when I was 8 I learnt how to make a coin disappear. From that day on I just kept trying to learn more magic. I can’t really think of a training story. I have managed to face planted a fair bit whilst practicing new ideas.  

If you could spend one day with any person from history, who would it be and what would you do with them?

I would spend the day with Harry Houdini and we would do an awesome magic/escape act! 

If the Melbourne council erected a statue in honour of you In 100 years time, what pose would your statue be holding and what would the plaque read?

My pose would be me standing on a giant red ball. And the plaque would read “this statue is in memory of Sam Brew, who is so much cooler than that Bailey guy” or something like that.

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ this Saturday night?

With out giving too much away, I will be performing some physical comedy with my partner Bailey as we unfold a slapstick adventure on stage. 

Don’t miss your chance to see Sam Brew and Bailey Munton performing live at Speakeasy HQ this Saturday night. Tickets available at 

Where Can We Find Funny?

At Speakeasy HQ it has to be said that we pride ourselves on finding the brightest shining stars in the Underground Galaxy to present show after show to our aspiring audiences. Each show, as we present over 30 different artists, it’s a fierce competition for any single act to cut apart and make a life-changing impact on our audiences. However, one such act has just gone ahead and done exactly that, and left them laughing until their sides hurt!! 
After a lifetime of travelling and performing relentlessly at every comedy room in the country, Luke Leonard has emerged as one of the most popular acts to hit the Speakeasy HQ stage in recent times. With relatable comedy, along with a calm but shockingly funny delivery style and a knowledge of how his audience relate to him, he has been able to leave back to back audiences rolling in their seats time and time again!!  But what is it that makes a comic like this tick? How does anyone conceive jokes like he does and then deliver them to a live audience. We took this wordsmith aside and threw a stack of questions at him to see what makes him tick as he prepares his puns and readies his schtick for this Saturday night’s show!

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Luke Leonard, and I am a stand up comedian. Ask r what I do… I guess I take my own misunderstandings of interactions and spew them forth for the pleasure of my audience. My humour kind of centres around failure, words and the failure of words. I’d say more, but words fail me. 

How long have you been performing comedy? 

I have been performing stand up for 2 and a half years, preceded by a decade in rock and roll. In bands I primarily played the buffoon. It’s a long story. 
What was your first performance and how did it go?

It was in Ms Fernandes’ music class, back in 1997. I was expelled. Then there was a big gap until Raw comedy 2013, at the comics lounge. It went pretty well for a first shot. I knew I had something when I made the MC spit his drink.

If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be and how would you be remembered?

Talking. Incessantly and with authority on a wide range of topics about which I know very little. The how depends on who’s remembering and whether they think I was funny or tiresome.

What will you be performing on Saturday at Speakeasy HQ?

I will be performing tales of everyday, accessible, family friendly filth and blasphemy. You know – usual stuff. 

Don’t miss your chance to see the outstanding comedy of Luke Leonard live at Speakeasy HQ this Saturday night!!!  

 Tickets available at

Le Chat Blonde Fires Up for Saturday!!


This Friday and Saturday night Speakeasy HQ will present two of its biggest line ups ever as the Friday night Downtown Vaudeville show goes head to head with the Speakeasy HQ 15-Act Vaudeville show. 

With line ups that include circus, sideshow, tap dance, cabaret, jazz, stand up, illusion and more, it’s the headline sets of each show that will leave all audience members with their jaws agape. 

Chiefly positioned in the headline set of Saturday’s show is one stunning artist who we are all dying to see!! The curves and tease of Le Chat Blonde are tipped to leave ever heart thumping to the very end!! 

So we took the lady if tease and tassel aside and asked her a bunch of questions as she prepares to shimmy and shake for this weekend’s show. 

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Le Chat Blonde, and I am a burlesque artist along the lines of c’est francais for peroxide feline, Mesdames et Messieurs!

If you could perform with one artist from history, alive or dead, what would you perform and who would you perform it with?

I’d sing Bohemian Rhapsody with Freddy Murcury.  

If you could be remembered in 100 years time what would you be remembered for?

Id be remembered as a clumsy cat trying to dance the Charleston.

What will you be performing on Saturday night at Speakeasy HQ? 

will be performing my ‘Everybody wants to be a cat`-Burlesque -routine, it’ll be lots of fun. 

Don’t miss your chance to see the sexiest clumsy cat dance the charleston this Saturday night!! Tickets available at:

All the Greats Rolled into One!! Matthew Hadgraft!!


In a generation of digital everything, and more people wanting the real deal, it’s no wonder that piano playing, song writing, good looking, crooning and laughter making Matthew Hadgraft has taken the Australian vaudeville and cabaret scene by storm!! 

In the style of some of the greatest entertainers of all time, Matthew Hadgraft brings comedy to music and brings it all to the stage!. Then he turns the music over to his audience and they LOVE him. But in a fascinating twist, he then has the audience bring the music back to him with and it all begins again! This self invented style of interacting with the audience while playing piano has made Mr Hadgraft an megastar of Australian Cabaret!! 

His piano skills are akin to that of the late and great Victor Borge, while his prose, jokes and satirical grasp is every bit as high level as the genius Noel Coward!! So when Matthew Hadgraft performs as the host at Australia’s only vaudeville theatre and bar – it is set to be a night of truly amazing comedy, music and brilliance! So we took the man behind the piano aside to ask him a bunch of questions as he readies his ivories for this weekend’s show!! 

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Matt! I am a wayward performer who came to Melbourne like a moth toward a lightbulb. I used to be a teacher but sadly Comedy wasn’t part of the national curriculum so I burnt down the school.* 

How did you start in show biz?

I used to teach piano at a lady’s music school, and she was so disgusted by a poor ABBA show that she started her own. I became her Benny (and still play with them from time to time!)

What’s the toughest show you’ve ever performed and why?

ABBA could be pretty tough in places like Kingaroy where they’d rather drink in peace, but I once walked out on stage during a revue to find the band didn’t have any of the music I sent them. It was a complete train wreck, so I burnt down the venue**. 

How do you choose your performance material?

If I think about it and it makes me grin, it’s in. I also think of what’s viral and needs sending up (Miley Cirus was a good example in her day) 

How often do you rehearse?

I swim laps, so I am continually going through words of songs ’cause there’s nothing else to do. But I practise the piano every other day, in tighter and tighter concentration as the big night creeps up. 

Do you have any rituals when rehearsing or performing?

I have a coffee, don my fabulous coat and make sure I’ve brushed my teeth. Another ritual I observe is getting up in front of an audience (except during Fringe when there isn’t one.) 

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ on Saturday the 14th March?

Songs about things you didn’t realise you noticed, songs I forget the words to, and at least one damning indictment of Gen Y hipsters. I’m getting old. 

 Speakeasy HQ can’t WAIT to see the antics of the one and only Matthew Hadgraft on Saturday night!! Tickets are already selling fast and available at:


Speakeasy HQ does not condone the burning down of schools.

**Speakeasy HQ does not condone the burning down of other venues.

Knock Three Times & Ask for Knuckles 

As one of the founding members of Speakeady HQ, Knuckles has become an institution behind the bar, as the creative driver and engineer of most aspects of the design and running of Australia’s first vaudeville theatre in over 50 years!!

But many have asked the same question – what does it take to be the Matriarch of such a volatile and electric empire such as Speakeady HQ? With over 30 artists each being coordinated and rallied onto stage each week to form the iconic 15-act vaudeville shows that has made Speakeasy HQ a Melbourne icon, Knuckles also takes on the task of of managing the entire business back end, ticketing, online systems, social media and all food and drink services at the theatre. 

In our hunt to know more we took the blonde bomb shell of the bar aside and asked her a stack of questions to see what makes her tick!!

Who are you and what do you do?

Knuckles is the name, and some would say it’s a well earned name. But that’s another story.

I’m a part owner of Speakeasy HQ. Most people don’t realise that Im a nearly 6ft blonde woman. I guess it’s the perfect juxtapose, since most people think that Knuckles is a bikie looking guy.  But running around during Showtime keeping the food moving, keeping our beautiful VIP’s happy and the easy speakers that venture through our doorway suitably liqueured up to enjoy the show, I try and do it all Speakeasy style. 

How did you begin managing a theatre?

I’ve always managed people, but now in the world of theatres & vaudeville, at this blistering pace, it takes a bit of grit and determination to make it all happen. Come to think of it I’ve always loved alcohol too so I guess it was always in my cards to put the two together and manage a project like this! I guess you could also say that I fell in love – and that made me want to see Speakeasy HQ succeed. I love the people, the mind blowing talent, and the electricity that surges through that place!

What’s the toughest show you’ve ever performed and why? 

Haha oh I’m not a performer, as much as I’m sure a few people wished I was or should I say hoped I performed burlesque! So I’ll answer it a different way. The toughest Speakeasy HQ we ever produced was probably our first one. Between the four of us we piled two vans and 4×4 car full of tables, chairs, bar and all sorts of equipment to produce a full show in an empty hall in South Melbounrne. It was about 2.5 ton of equipment that we had to move in and then move out, as well as working the show with 85 guests. None of us could move the next day… Apart from Roy… But he’s a bit tougher than most. 

How do you decide the what drinks and food will be served at Speakeasy HQ?

Some are by chance and others are by tradition. See, we have several kinds of seating in the theatre. We also have a rooftop bar. So, the rooftop bar is outdoors and in the summer months we serve a BBQ up there and the drinks are chosen to make you feel like you’re at a BBQ. So plenty of local beers and wines. As for the BBQ food -that was a tough one. We originally went with the obvious – sausages. And to tie into the theme of being at a show, we made them gourmet hot dogs. However, a lot of our audience are vegan and vegetarians, so we added baked potatoes and grilled corn. Then down in the theatre there are two kinds of food. The candy dolls are our ushers that wear the beautiful and iconic candy belt, stocked with crisps, popcorn, candy and they serve the pretzels. The pretzels were tradition as much as anything. They come from the Chicago vaudeville culture of the 1920’s where they had a lot of Germans migrants in their audiences and the bread pretzels are a part of their culture. But the other kind of food we offer is themed around opulence. We offer a stunning VIP package that seats tables of two at the front of stage, where we present them with locally sourced antipasto and premium wines throughout the show. So, the foods available are vast, varied and exciting. 

Do you have any rituals before the theatre opens each week?

Sleep… My only ritual! Once that day starts it is like a freight train not stopping until the wee small hours the next day and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What can we expect at Speakeasy HQ on Saturday the 21st March?

It’s our first show on the new venue! I have a real bar!!!! Plus I’ll show you my talent 😉

My talent is remembering faces & the drink that matches, so from me you’ll see happy bar goers, smiling as they are walking away with a drink in hand without even saying a word in some cases 😉

Don’t miss out on your chance to eat pretzels, drink fine booze and say hi to Knuckles this Saturday night at Spealeady HQ!! Tickets are limited and available at

New MC & Cabaret Legend – Natasha York


What does it take to earn the title ‘cabaret legend’? 

This Saturday night Speakeasy HQ will unleash its newest MC onto the stage. She is the one and only Natasha York – cabaret legend! But the word legend is a big title to land on anyone – and perhaps should be given some qualification for those who have never seen Ms York live before.

She is pretty. But in honesty – that’s not essential to be brilliant in cabaret. Plenty of successful cabaret artists are not at all attractive.

She can sing. And, MAN can she sing. With a pair of lungs that bellow volume with the sweetness of an angel – she can seriously sing!

She is funny. Not only is Natasha’s rehearsed material funny – but she can think on her feet, keep an audience in suspense, laughing or silent – all with the greatest of ease.

But as much as anything – it’s the way Natasha York puts all of her skills together, using them like a conductor uses his baton, to draw her audience into a fever of cheering for her offerings that literally has to be seen to be believed!

This Saturday night our newest MC will take to the stage to present a huge 15-act show. With half the tickets already sold, it would seem that the pressure is on for her to give the masses what they paid for!! So we took Natasha aside to ask her a bunch of questions and see what makes her tick as she prepares for this week’s show! 

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Natasha York, I’m a singer, cabaret performer/writer, improviser and lover of big hair and wine. 

How did you start in show biz? 

My mum put me in speech and drama classes when I was 5 because I was really hyperactive and energetic. nothing much has changed really except that mum doesn’t have to pay for me to do it anymore! I came 3rd in my very first poetry eistedford, and I wore my school uniform whilst everyone else had pretty costumes… Needless to say, Mum and I eventually got better at the art of “Show-biz” dressing! 

What’s the toughest show you’ve ever performed and why? 

I lost my voice due to sickness during tech week for my final uni production, and had to rehabilitate my voice from practically nothing, to show ready in 4 days. It was taught really big lessons in technique, believing in my mentors and in my own abilities – To make matters worse I got dumped by my boyfriend at the time so the fact I made it through to performances was very tough both mentally and physically! But I made it and it was super proud of myself, and very grateful to my teachers. 

How do you choose your performance material? 

It always depends on what I’m doing it for – As a singer I’m attracted to anything jazzy, vampy or sexy. As a cabaret performer I like to parody songs, or choose current material and mess with the style/theme of it. Lately though I have been getting into a lot more comedy so anything that makes draws out that response of laughter or even shocks the audience always makes great material! I’m also a bit of a fiend for audience participation – so watch out you future speakeasy hq goers!! 

How often do you rehearse? 

I am constantly singing in the car or making up weird little ditties to annoy my friends/family. Usually I set time to rehearse depending on what’s coming up 1 to 4 times a week. However, most of my best rehearsing happens during my day job when I annoy people over the phone and test out jokes and characters. Back in the day I was soooo good at customer service… mwha ha ha! 

Do you have any rituals when rehearsing or performing?

Not really, I always make sure I record everything on my iphone, that way I’m not just stuck trying to write everything down at the computer. I usually write down ideas that I think will work then collaborate on music/lyrics/script with my Musical Director or my other performing friends. As far as pre-performance goes well a sneaky wine never goes a stray! 

What will you be performing at Speakeasy HQ on Saturday the 7th March? 

A mixture of some improvised songs, a few bits and pieces from my solo show “These Things Take Wine”. Oh and balloons!

We can’t wait to see the amazing antics of he wine loving, side splitting cabaret legend Natasha York this Saturday!! Tickets are already selling fast and available at